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Clube Militar - Lagoa


Located in the Lagoa Clube Militar, our indoor facilities are the best of the best. Here you will find a full size basketball court with all the amenities you need. The court also changes into an indoor football pitch on rainy days.


Our indoor basketball games are located in the Clube Militar (Military Club) directly across from Parque Lage. Take a bus that will bring you to Jargin Botanico and disembark in front of Parke Lage.

From Zona Norte you can also take the Metro Intagration: Take the metro to Botofogo then transfer for FREE to the Intagration Bus to Jargin Botanico. Get off in front of Parke Lage and cross the street to the Clube Militar.

Be sure give yourself enough time for transit and traffic when heading to a game.

For more directions, please use the google map below:

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