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Clube Militar - Lagoa

Indoor basketball

Located in the Lagoa Clube Militar, our indoor facilities are the best of the best. Here you will find a full size basketball court with all the amenities you need. The court also changes into an indoor football pitch on rainy days.


Parque do Flamengo

Football (soccer) fields

Flamengo park has the tradition of being a hub for sports and athletic activity in Rio de Janeiro. Located among the 300 acres of beautiful green, urban park space are some of Rio de Janeiros finest outdoor football fields. These large scale fields are slightly smaller than a full pitch and provide lots of space to run around.


Parque dos patins - Lagoa


Football (soccer) fields

The Lagoa turf football fields are located directly on the west side of the lagoon. This outdoor turf field is over looked by the Christ the Redeemer statue and enjoys the cool breeze of the lagoon in the afternoons.


Praia do Flamengo


Beach football and volleyball

Nestled in the largest leisure area of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Flamengo beach enjoys views of the famous Sugarloaf Mountain and Christ the Redeemer Statue. Here in the middle of it all we have beach volleyball and football pitches.


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