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"Camisa 10" Club


Get your 5th Game for FREE!
Join the "Camisa 10" Club and receive exclusive benefits for being our number #1 players!

How does it work?

  • Sign up! Make the payment of R$80 in advance when you arrive at the field.
  • Save! Pay for 4 games and get the 5th Game for FREE!
  • Its easy! You will be automatically signed up for the next 5 games in a row (no need to do it yourself!)

Club Benefits!

  • Priority: Always be a starter! Priority to play the first match of the games.
  • Automatic entry: In the raffle giveaways (Join pro Maracan√£, AtivoRio Shirt, Shoe, Ball etc ...) 
  • FREE Entry to other sports: Get (1) FREE ticket to try Basketball on Thursday nights. Join us or share with a friend!
  • More playing time: Stay out o fthe rotation for substitutes and goal for 10 minutes. 
    *Unless more than half of the players are Camisa 10 members.
  • Fixed Jersey Number: You can play with your favorite, lucky number every game!
    *The number 10 is reserved for Man of the Match; Other numbers may already be reserved by other members.


  • The member of the plan Camisa 10, has the right to cancel up to two games without penalty or loss of games.
  • The cancellation will only be valid when made up to 3 hours before game start-time.
  • In case of failure (not appearance without notice) the player will lose one of their five games.
  • Game cannot be rescheduled
  • No refunds


Buddy Promotion!


Get a FREE GAME when you sign up 4 Buddies! 
So be sure to tell all your friends!

How does it work?

  • New players must indicate their refering "Buddy" when registering for their first game. May notify in the field or at registration on the internet, placing the name and surname of the person who indicated in the "Comments" window.
  • After 4 new friends have all paid and played with in 2 months, you will receive ONE FREE GAME!


  • Only new players qualify for a "buddy-credits", existing players do not count
  • Must register within a 2 month period

Upcoming Games

Football 8v8 (soccer)

13 December 2017 19:00 - 21:00

Parque do Flamengo

Football 11v11 (soccer)

18 December 2017 21:00 - 23:00

Parque do Flamengo

Football 8v8 (soccer)

20 December 2017 19:00 - 21:00

Parque do Flamengo


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